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The Engineer's Choice

Value Engineering Extreme - Aluminum is the New Steel?

Patriot's Rigid Aluminum Conduit is a direct substitute for Rigid Steel Conduit in most above ground applications.  At 1/3 the weight of Steel, Rigid Aluminum Conduit can save up to 75% of your Installation Labor Costs.  In addition, Rigid Aluminum Conduit costs 10-40% less than Rigid Steel on a Material Basis.  Our Savings Calculator will help you see how much you can save on your next project, just Right Click the link below and choose Save As.

Precision Machined to be Fast, Safe & Clean?

From the very beginning, Patriot has focused on producing the highest quality and Fastest Assembling conduit products available, and developing service and delivery systems which help your jobsite to be Safer, Cleaner, and More Efficient.

The Fastest Assembly

Patriot's lines of Conduit and fittings are precision machined to produce the sharpest and cleanest threads in the industry...that's why more and more contractors are requesting Patriot to be the main conduit on the design spec. 



Major Project Capabilities

Patriot has the equipment, expertise, and flexibility to help your large projects flow smoothly.  Here are just a few of our Key Projects:

33 Miles of 4" Rigid Aluminum Conduit - 20 Footers - for GE Appliance Park

94 Miles of Rigid Aluminum Conduit - MOX Nuclear Warhead Conversion

Specialized Labeling & Packaging for Egyptian Powerplant

44 Miles of Rigid Aluminum Conduit for OCI Iowa Fertilizer

64 Miles of Rigid Aluminum Conduit for Tyson Foods


A Cleaner and Safer Job Site

Patriot's modern equipment utilizes environmentally friendly vegetable oil based cutting fluids, which don't produce the greasy residue found on other manufacturer's conduit products.  This means cleaner hands and a cleaner installation.

Our Uniform Bundling System makes it easy to pick, place, and move multiple trade size bundles safely and easily.  And our patent pending Eco-Pack? boxes make it easy to locate and reseal the most commonly used sizes of nipples and couplings.



Thousands of Companies Rely on Patriot Aluminum for their Conduit Needs



Patriot Aluminum Products, LLC
205 Ferncliff Drive
Louisa, VA  23093
Phone:  (434) 510-1776
Fax:  (434) 589-5006

CAGE Code:  6GRN9
DUNS:  040931882
SCC:  S3361401
SWaM Code:  702274
A Certified Small Business





UL File Numbers:
Aluminum - E337297
Stainless - E337297
Galvanized - E467495
EMT - E467495


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Phone:  434-510-1776
Fax:  434-589-5006

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