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About Patriot

Patriot Aluminum Products is the only American Owned & Operated Family Business producing the full line of Rigid Aluminum Conduit, Nipples, Elbows, and Couplings.  We are proud to be one of a growing number of American companies investing in American Manufacturing and bring jobs back to our community...we truly are Made In America Plus.

Patriot was founded in 2010 by Tom & Sarah Click.  Like many American Manufacturing stories, Patriot's beginnings were small and focused.  The original startup consisted of:
Tom Click + 1,000 Square Feet of Leased Space + 1 Hand Threading Machine.

Today Patriot has a new, fully modernized 30,000 SqFt facility in Louisa, Virginia.  We have 61 employees, 6 Delivery Vehicles, 5 Landis Double Head Conduit Production Lines, 13 Haas CNC Centers, a 10 station Nipple Production Line, a Wallace Large Radius Shipyard Bender, and 5 Pedrick Rotary Compression Benders.  Approximately half of our workforce are US Military Veterans.  We maintain approximately $3,000,000 of inventory in 10 Regional Warehouses Nationwide.

Patriot produces the following products in it's facility in Louisa, Virginia:
Rigid Aluminum Conduit, Nipples, Elbows, and Couplings
Rigid Stainless Steel Conduit, Nipples, Elbows, and Couplings
Galvanized Nipples and Elbows
EMT Elbows

When your order rides on Patriot Blue™, there is NO MINIMUM ORDER SIZE and NO FREIGHT!

Patriot's Electrical Products can be found on Industrial & Commercial Projects Worldwide.

Thank you for supporting Patriot.  Thank you for supporting American Manufacturing.



John Griffin - Plant Manager

Growing up in the threading business at Pittsburg Pipe & Nipple, which his family owned; John made his first piece of conduit at the ripe age of 14.  After stints at Sawhill Tubular and Florida Pipe and Nipple and after many miles later, John re-opened his suitcase in Virginia.  John brings a wealth of insight and experience to the manufacturing process at Patriot Aluminum.



Tom Click - President & CEO

Prior to forming Patriot Aluminum Products, Mr. Click spent 10 years in the metals industry...most recently as Vice President of Market Development for Norsk Hydro Aluminum and previously as Vice President of Marketing & Product Development for Indalex Aluminum (now Sapa Group).  Before entering the metals industry, Mr. Click managed the Product Management and Engineering departments for the Amerock division of NewellRubbermaid.

Tom received his BBA from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from the Gatton College of Business & Economics at the University of Kentucky.


Sarah Click - Partner

Mrs. Click is a Human Capital Strategy Consultant at Accenture.  She has responsibility for advising on the development of Human Capital Strategies and managing programs that address the risks and roadblocks to achieving higher business performance.

Prior to this role she worked with retail clients to develop and execute marketing, merchandising, and pricing strategies.  Before working for Accenture, Sarah worked for General Motors as an Industrial Engineer.

Sarah received her Bachelors in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.



Helen, Ian, and Joe Click - 2013 Company Picnic Fun

Thousands of Companies Rely on Patriot Aluminum for their Conduit Needs



Patriot Aluminum Products, LLC
205 Ferncliff Drive
Louisa, VA  23093
Phone:  (434) 510-1776
Fax:  (434) 589-5006

CAGE Code:  6GRN9
DUNS:  040931882
SCC:  S3361401
SWaM Code:  702274
A Certified Small Business





UL File Numbers:
Aluminum - E337297
Stainless - E337297
Galvanized - E467495
EMT - E467495


Home  |  About  |  Products  |  Services  |  Buy Now  Distributors  |  Contractors  |  Engineers  |  Resources  |  Careers  |  Contact

Phone:  434-510-1776
Fax:  434-589-5006

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